Friday, April 23, 2010

A Patron Saint of Starbucks?

Today I ran into Starbucks, to grab my new usual:  Tall, non-fat, no-whip, Dark Cherry Mocha.
With 10 grams of protein, who needs meat!? I rationalize this as a necessary evil, that makes up for my lack-protein-luster vegetarian  diet. 

Have you tasted these things? I can only imagine what whole milk and whip could do, but really, even my style drink, the Dark Cherry Mocha is like Bill Clinton in a cup. 
So you can  imagine my panic when I found out that the Dark Cherry Mocha is slated to be a "limited time drink".  

I hatched a plan. (True, giftedness can be such a pain at times, but it also often spawns the greatest of ideas.) My aim: to visit as many Starbucks in Detroit as I can, and repeatedly order Dark Cherry Mochas.  BUT! Not just order the drinks, but also to expound on the greatness of the drink to any and every Barista who will listen. And, just as I'm leaving, I turn, smile, cock the head and say; "I sure hope you guys decide to make the Dark Cherry Mocha into a permanent drink, how great would that be!?".  (Girlish giggle giggle, Bat bat of the eyelashes.) And then I swoop out!

So far, so good. Today one of the baristas at my local Starbucks said that for all of the championing that I'm doing for the Dark Cherry Mocha, pretty soon I'll be turned into a patron Saint of Starbucks! Sounds pretty good, even for an atheist like me.

Ironically, the only problem with my plan, other than being single handedly driven to Weight Watchers by some damn  coffee drink, is that I'm kind of getting sick of all these Dark Cherry Mochas! It might be time to move on to a new usual. 

Tall non-fat, no whip, Dark Cherry Vodka.

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Kim said...

lol you are too cute! I doubt they'll keep it around though...they usually stick to their plan :(. I love the dark cherry syrup, it's lovely in so many things