Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a Thought.....a Weird One.
I can only imagine how incredibly cuckoo this sounds, but I just have to write it down. Last night I had a dream, or more so, a sentence. It was so loud and real that it woke me up. I had fallen asleep on the eve of my thirty-second birthday feeling slightly depressed, and no closer to any answers than I had been ten years ago. Just like a lot of us, I want to know, I NEED to know the workings of this universe. I need to know how we are here, why we are here and where we will go. No smoke screens, no faith, just hard facts. Truthfully, we'll probably never know for sure, and many will say that this is the way it should be. I beg to differ though, I don't think our world would be a place of chaos, or thoughtless living should we have the answers. Humanity has already reached some horrendous lows. Maybe if we understood the order, what was going on, we'd all live more thoughtfully and aware.

I was watching a program on Stephen Hawking and his "Black Hole Information Paradox". To put it VERY simply; it has been well established that, "information can not be destroyed", but Hawkings felt that indeed, as matter and light were sucked in a black hole, all information would be destroyed, lost forever. Gone!
This sent the physics community into outrage, as Hawkings belief of destroyed information went against many of their core tenants.
Then in 2005, Hawkings publicly retracted his original findings and announced that information could escape along the event horizon, the time/ space line that edges a black hole.

Ok, ok! So what is all of this getting at? Well first of all, I wondered, why are all of those physicists were so completely angry with Hawkings? Each and everyday, scientists from all areas come up with new and unique discoveries that must contradict others. It's part of the process. So why was this pronouncement flipping them out? I also wanted to know what the significance was of this "information" transforming, moving, being destroyed.

Last night in my dream I heard the words over and over "Information is our thoughts, black holes are our consciousness." What in the world does that mean!? Information is our thoughts, black holes are our consciousness. I tossed and turned with this. I stayed up, I didn't want to lose it. I thought and thought about this intrusive statement, and it finally hit me around 3:00am. Of course, they are!
So yes, good thing that information isn't destroyed in black holes, because information is us. Not us, us, not our bodies us, in this case, but our thoughts us.

As crazy and diluted as this all sounds please try to follow along. No understanding of our universe ever began without a seemingly insane thought. Strides have only been made, in all areas of learning with an openness and a willingness to entertain even the silliest of hypotheses.

What if, just what holes and information truly represent more than what we are perceiving? More than an astral phenomenon. More than space matter and energy? Nobody would have thought radio waves were real, they couldn't be seen, touched or heard until we invented a radio transmitter. what if our thoughts have substance? What if our thoughts were yet another form of "information"?

I recently saw a picture of Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroanatomist , holding a human brain in her hand. That brain, it was dead. The brain was just tissue. The energy that physically ran the brain, and ran the body that belonged to the brain, it was gone too. BUT... a person is not just their brain, that is merely a finite object, and a person is not the energy that runs said machine brain, a person, what makes them more unique even than a fingerprint is their thoughts and consciousness.

I don't that think energy = soul, spirit or consciousness. Because, you know, energy is a dime a dozen. It's everywhere, it's constant, it's the same. We're too individual, to creative to be only energy that flicks in and then out over several decades. Our consciousness is too complex to be only energy.

Ok, so back to the black holes. In addition to being astral structures, what if black holes also serve as a kind of conscious or spiritual portal? Eeks! Now how nutty do I sound? But what if!? What if these large, hulking mysteries serve a time/space bending purpose beyond sucking matter and energy in?

Look, these physicists were all up in arms when Hawking said that information would be destroyed upon entering a black hole. By saying that, you are stating that all things, life as we know it can and will be destroyed. Information, I would guess to include on or two spiritual/religious aspects and locations would also be up for destruction. What I'm saying is, Hawkings statement basically poopooed the idea of sustainable religion, afterlife and creation. Then, it freaked out many of the atheists too. It just obliterated everything!

Alright, so black hole, sucking up this and that. What if it also sucked up our consciousness after we passed away. (Come on, it could happen. You don't know.). I personally don't believe in a white fluffy heaven or a hot scary hell. Perhaps a state in between? JUST LIKE THIS ONE? Maybe?) I do hope our consciousness goes on, but I really can't claim to know what happens at all.
But let's assume that our physical brain dies, the energy is released, converted, moves on. Maybe our consciousness is still there.

Where does it go? Who knows, but let's just say it goes on over to a black hole, where it eventually is swirled into the rest of all that stuff, and sent over to the other side.
Hey, crazier things have happened, right?

I'm not saying that I'm correct, or even saying that I think I am correct. What I am proposing is that perhaps with black holes there is more than meets, or does not meet the eye. I'm saying that my dream really spoke to me, that perhaps we need more scientific investigation into consciousness too . I'm also a strong believer in fearless questioning, and not accepting the first draft that is handed to you.

Now that I've dug my cuckoo hole even deeper, the point is, wow, black holes, our thoughts. Just like EVERYTHING in life, maybe, just maaaaybe....there is more to them. Remember, they used to think that the earth was flat, and maybe you would have too.


Jeremy said...

Stephen Hawking is a genius, that's why God crippled him, because he knows that he knows all the secrets to the universe.

Dee Troitsky said...

Lolo- I totally feel what you're saying on a rational and intuitive level. Rock on w your bad self!

Anonymous said...

That kind of fits into what I always thought... my fear is that as my consciousness is dispersed and energy shared that I lose it all. The core of me - is it just fluttering al around the universe and not holding together anymore? That's what really shatters my gut and soul... Laura

Incidentally, my word verification for this post is 'nophishr'. Hmm... coincidence or several layered meaning?

Lauren said...

Wow...spooky. Yes, it's the universe speaking. ;)