Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 100,000 How Bourgeois!

I know to many, this is down right laughable. Lots of people get 100,000 hits in a day. Heck, a few have a couple Million in just twenty four hours! But in our own little, tiny corner of the web, I'm happy and excited today, because we hit 100,000 visitors. Of course 95,000 could very well be me on another computer, the grandparents, and our five VERY loved and attentive Internet buddies. Thanks guys, you know who you are. I just find it fascinating to know that 100,000 times, people found this place even remotely interesting enough to take a peek. So yeah, thanks, and happy 100,000 How Bourgeois!


Judy said...

Aw, congrats! 100,000 is GREAT!

Kendra Lynn said...

That's awesome! How could we NOT read your blog? :)


Anonymous said...

I take credit for 3.5% of the total

Laura said...

Woot, that's great! I'm addicted to How Bourgeois and that's not hard to do! :)