Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's A Good Thing

Good on Starbucks, for trying to get all of us thinking. These little, one sheet gems called "Good Sheets" are what I look forward to on Fridays for now. Put out by Good Magazine, in conjunction with Starbucks, their aim is to provoke conversation and awareness as we all sip our mochas. Covering relevant and pressing issues such as the state of health care and the environment, Good Sheets are here just in time for the election, complete with info on where both of the candidates stand . Not a bad five minute read.

Uploaded on September 13, 2008
by anthonybrown

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Jeremy said...

I'm totally bummed.

I just found out my Starbucks is closing a week from this Friday, as are all the other Starbucks in downtown Detroit.

Now where am I going to get my coffee?