Thursday, May 01, 2008

Turtle Sundae

Let's talk ice cream. I try to eat it frequently, even though some people think milk sucks. I'm with them on a lot of points, but when it comes to frozen dessert, make mine the real stuff. I'm not implying gelato and popsicles are not terrific, and I love a good granita. Let's just be frank about "ice milk" and tofu-based non-dairy frozen soy dessert being poor substitutes for real ice cream with milk and eggs.

This in particular might the best flavor United Dairy Farmers makes - caramel ice cream, huge rivers of soft caramel, delicious veins of somehow unfrozen fudge, roasted pecans, and just a hint of cellulose gum and carrageenan (for stability!). Lauren steered far clear of this because she mistakenly thought it had a vanilla base, so I got to explore the better part of a half gallon on my own. Noah liked it, and we had some friends over who liked it, so a pretty broad cross-spectrum of people I know like this flavor, and therefore I am right. Highly recommended.


Kendra Lynn said...

That looks absolutely lovely.
Definitely going to try that!

Magdalena said...

Can you believe I still haven't had Graeter's? I do have a UDF right down the road a bit and we can get the real deal straight from the cow. I'm not much of an ice cream person I guess.

Laura said...

I keep having to come back to look at the yummy picture. I almost want to lick the screen! I love me some good ice cream and this sounds wonderful.

The McGeehins said...

I AGREE!!! Only the real stuff will do!
Have you tried Rainbow Ice Cream from Trader Joes? DELICIOUS