Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pay the mortgage? No thanks, I'll just buy some Honeybell Juice

What I love about Papa Joe's is that they are constantly alerting you to products that you did not know you needed, and then making them outrageously expensive, thus deepening the metro Detroit despair cycle.

Case in point, honeybell juice - staggeringly delicious, no doubt fantastic for you, and it costs eighteen dollars per gallon. We went by in the cart, tried the free sample, and wistfully went away, hoping that we won't get scurvy from only drinking cheap-ass regular orange juice. I am sucking a lime as I write this just to be safe, wondering what might have been.


Judy said...

Yikes - it should come with a fruit-producing tree in your backyard at that price!

Jeremy said...

But Jon, what else am I going to use for my Cristal mimosas?


Surely you jest.