Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I've been meaning to write about this for a few weeks now - once in a while in a touristy place you come across something that actually makes sense. That place is the San Antonio Riverwalk, and that something is the chicken-fried steak with jalapeño cream gravy from the Iron Cactus. It was a little tough, but it tasted just terrific. The corn with cilantro and the enormous quantities of mashed potatoes were equally good.

As good as this was, the tortilla soup that preceded it flat out knocked me over. It was spicy - not "spicy" like a Wendy's chicken sandwich - but actually hot, and we made it more spicy by dousing it with the hot sauce on the table. I almost fell over but I finished the bowl, gratefully, with my nose running. I'd go back.


Judy said...

Hey, the Iron Cactus is fair - still on the tourist-ish run of restaurants here (like almost everything on the Riverwalk - there are only about 2 places I'll eat down there)...if you are ever back in this area, at least let me know so I can direct you to some choice restaurants.

And yes, torilla soup here is an artform. We feed that stuff to babies - makes em grow chest hair.

Jonathan said...

If I get back I will let you know, and we can all go for soup. I'm sure there must be better everything out there, but I have to say for a random Riverwalk choice, we were not disappointed.