Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Great Wall of Toledo

When I was in 6th grade, we had an assignment in history class to recreate a famous , significant architectural achievement. I made a section of the Great Wall of China from sugar cubes and received an "A" (I mean, look at it. It's magnificent). After we took our projects home, my dad and I sprayed it with shellac or whatever, and he stuck it on top of the entertainment center in the living room, where it has been reverently preserved since 1990.

Last Sunday, Lauren went to a friend's baby shower, so Noah and I went to Toledo for lunch with my parents. When we got home from IHOP, I looked at the great wall and told my parents that I would be OK if they wanted to throw it away. Which they did. So, for the last time anywhere, here is my Great Wall made from 18-year old sugar cubes, which didn't last quite as long as the original, but is still pretty special and gross in its own right.

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That's about all I can say about 18 year old sugar cubes.