Thursday, February 28, 2008

HB Ride Spotting: Dodge Journey CRD

The car: a vanilla Dodge people mover, noteworthy because it has badging for a CRD motor, meaning that this is an export model. No diesel Journeys for the USA, even though this thing's mileage is unremarkable, at best (19/25 for the base 4-cylinder).

The funny part: this car has a manufacturer plate, and I think when the driver saw I was taking pictures, they floored it to get away. In a large, diesel car. Meaning that I could have taken these pictures from a Schwinn, this one was fish in a barrel.


Jeremy said...

Funny, because if you saw my latest car post, the driver did the same thing when he noticed I was taking a picture, and he definitely noticed because he gave me a dirty look.

Jonathan said...

I would trade approximately 57,000 pictures of the Journey for those Challenger pictures. Awesome.

Jeremy said...

Did you ever see my pics of the Opel GT?

Click here

I seem to have good luck running into interesting vehicles. I have yet to catch a Tesla Roadster on film, even though they are right down the street. That's my next challenge.