Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Giant Speakers

My brother-in-law is selling some giant loudspeakers, perhaps you need a set:

I have 4 JBL JRX series "125" high top speakers. and 4 subs.... 2 JBL singe 18" JRX series, and 2, single 18" Pioneer.

Total Package price, $2000.00

Value of highs, 400.00 each =1600.00, Value of subs = 400.00 each= 1600, total value.... $3200...... your price, $2000.00

Cash only, no credit, no checks, sold as is. As far as i know all speakers are functional, boxes are in perfect condition. Were used in a nightclub for 1 year.

The JBL JRX-125 is a portable, dual 15" two-way speaker system with a 1" horn-loaded compression driver and a 500-watt power handling capacity. The unit is designed specifically for use in live music performance and music playback situations.

The dual 15" configuration of the JRX-125 is useful for smaller venue P.A. applications in which additional low-frequency power and extension is needed, but an additional sub woofer for the system is impractical.

The JRX118S is driven by a massive JBL 18" woofer with a cast frame and 3" voice-coil. It's rated at 350 watts (continuous) and 1400 watts (peak) - and that's based on JBL Professional's 100 hour torture test.

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