Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Happy Birthday Daniel! I can't believe you're 27, I remember going to see you when you were born, and standing on the step little kids used to look into the nursery window (plus, I got a Hershey bar). Everyone acted like it was a big deal. Now you're a grown-up, possibly. Many more. Love, Jonathan


halle said...

hey cuz, is the 27 thing an inside joke? because based on my own age, i'm pretty sure daniel is only 26...ok, well, also, i've been wondering when i'm ever going to see you again. grandma's unveiling? not so upbeat but i'm not holding out for any weddings or the like soon.

sharon said...

sprout! wow. we'r eall so old. but happy birthday to daniel! (who i'm sure doesn't remember me because he was a wee spout last i knew him).