Thursday, December 20, 2007

Car Advice Wanted

I'm thinking of POSSIBLY trading my car in and buying something new. While I love my current little auto, she's just starting to have some small problems, and I'm thinking it's best to sell her before she really starts to break down and cost us $$$. Also, I know as time goes on and miles go up, trade-in value or blue book value goes down.

So, that said, I've been trying to come up with a list of cars to test drive. The problem is, I don't know a lot about cars and thought I'd throw this one out to the interweb for some help. While I don't want to publicly post a price range, let's just say I'm looking for something moderately priced and lower. Here are a few more things that I'm looking for in a car....See what you can come up with.

*Ok, you're going to hate me, but I really like German automobiles. I am not opposed in anyway though, to consider American or Asian made cars.
* I don't want something that screams "MOM!" While I MIGHT think about trying out some type of "sport" wagon, I would truly prefer a convertible or sedan. No SUV's please and no cross-overs.
* I would like a car with all wheel drive or four wheel drive. It's not a must, but would be nice.
* Having the option to buy the car as a manual would be great.
*UPDATE- ok, maybe some SMALL suv's would be ok. Small like the Lexus RX 350, or like the BMW X5, but not the X3, because that's just too small.

Well, that's my list! Thanks. :)


Goldy said...

You know my vote. Even though it's an SUV! I think you should look at the ever sporty Honda Element. Noah would love it.

sharon said...

i'm totally buying a pruis the second i'm ready to buy a new car!

Lauren said...

Yea, Goldy and Sharon!!! :)

Goldy- yeah, I like your Element! Hondas are great cars and the Element seems really fun. My only question, do the new models have rear windows that roll down?
P.s. I might re-do the no SUV's part. Maybe small SUV's...

Sharon, Hi!- YES, I love the Prius, well, the idea of the Prius. My Dad was just driving one the other day, I took a spin and it was SO neat! The only thing I wonder about, is how are they in the snow? Totally cool though, thanks!!!

Lauren said...

Hey, I know! Why don't you get a 3-series convertible?

Judy said...

See, I'm all about the Subaru - Outback and Forester. Would love to have one of those AWD!

Or an Audi. Love an Audi!

Lauren said...

Heeeeeey Judy!

Happy holidays, I'm really enjoying reading about all your preparations. Sorry, I'm a terrible commenter. That makes me a "lurker" right? Ugh! ;)

Yes, Subaru's are GREAT! Jon has an Outback and it has been wonderful. Super in the snow, good gas millage,fun to drive. Also, I'm with you, I LOVE Audi's. I actually used to have a little Audi Avant wagon. It was great, all-wheel drive, a fun stick shift... it eventually started having problems though. I'd love another Audi but Jon said No. I can crack him though...if I try really hard. :)

Thanks Judy,xoxoxox, Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

Well, you know that I love MY Outback. Even though someone decided that it would be the perfect bit of holiday cheer to hit me in the post office parking lot the other day. That aside, my car has been great in the snow that we've gotten so far, I get 30+ miles to the gallon on the interstate, it holds a ton of gear, etc. I could go on forever. I love the looks of the '08, especially the "green" version! Have fun car shopping!

Jeremy said...

You should think about getting a Jeep, like a Compass or Patriot - they're mid-ranged in price, have 4 wheel drive, look good and get great gas mileage for a SUV (23-28mpg).

Also, the Saturn Vue is a nice looking car, and if you want, it comes in a Hybrid version. Again, another mid-range priced vehicle.

You may not like the whole SUV concept, but they are very functional - as long as I have kids, I'm probably never going to buy a mid-sized car again. My little HHR gets 30mpg, holds both my kids, has plenty of head room and I have tons of space in the back for storage.

Jacob said...

I bought a used Volvo wagon a year and a half ago and am absolutely in love with it. I suggest looking at the new ones as they have only gotten better over the years. The C30 coupe is great on the smaller end and the S80 is an amazing Sedan with a nice set of features. Out of their wagons I guess my favorite would be the XC70. Good luck and remember Joel has a 1990 Volvo wagon, I've got a 1998 Volvo wagon, so you should definitely get the 2008.

Sarah said...

I'm a little afraid if you think the Lexus and X5 are moderately priced...

Lauren said...

Wow! My comrades have really come through. Thanks guys, I have so much to think about here. I started getting a bit nostalgic for my current car this week. If we do sell her, it's going to be pretty sad. I'm torn.....

Laura- Yes! I totally agree with you, the Subaru Outback is a great car,hands down. We love Jon's for so many reasons. I'm not sure though, if we want two of them. Variety is the spice of life! Still, great cars, something to consider. Thanks.

Jeremy, good ideas, thanks. Jon used to have a Jeep and I don't know... I liked it enough, but it was just Ok. Nice cars, but If I do make the leap, I want to get something that feels right. I like the look of that big, square Jeep thing, but it's just too much car. I know what you mean about the kids and SUV thing, but I don't think I want anymore children, so I can stick with a smaller size car. My stepsister has a Vue, I'll ask her this week how she likes it. Thanks a bunch Jeremy!

Jacob!!!- How great to hear from you. We miss you guys! Ok, good input, a Volvo wagon- I likey. Actually, back in San Francisco, for some odd reason, I was obsessed with getting a Volvo wagon. If you and Joel have one, than yes, of course I need to have one too. You guys are like god to me so... Yeah, Jon's first idea was a Volvo wagon, so we'll check them out. I really like the cross-country but we need to hurry up and plant a money tree.

Sarah!!!- How is the big trip going!? I LOVED your pictures and can't wait to hear about everything. Hope you guys are having a blast.
Um....yeah..NO, the Lexus and the X5 are very expensive. Like I told jacob, we need to hurry up and plant a money tree. I was just using them as examples of "smaller size" SUV's. Now if anyone wants to give me their Lexus or X5, I'll still consider it.

Jeremy said...

ever consider a previously owned Lexus or X5?

Some dealerships have certified pre-used vehicles, and you'll probably get a better car at a mid-sized car price.

Sarah said...

My dad just sold his X5 that he bought used - he said that it was repaired so frequently his average monthly cost was over $800...kind of crazy. He went back to his beloved Hondas.

Jonathan said...

No more Jeeps, it was plastic hell. To its credit it was cheap and nothing broke or fell off during the lease – although there was a recall to ensure the transmission did not catch fire. I got a Grand Cherokee in an effort to shop very local, but the atrocious fuel economy, oddly small cargo space and cheap interior in the Jeep made an Outback a much better choice for me. It's nicer inside, drives beautifully, and has a cool-sounding flat-4 boxer engine with a stick shift. It is a tremendous car.

Lauren does need something new, because right now she has a 9-year euro-sedan and it is starting to show its age, expensively. Unless this works, I am pretty wary of more European cars, although I think Jacob is on to something. I just don't think I could talk Lauren into a wagon. I must be more comfortable with the domesticity of it (or perhaps the total freeway inconspicuousness).

My vote:
a. another Outback, there is a really nice new metallic brown
b. a Mazda5, which is a totally overlooked car
c. a Prius
d. There is one European car I would jump at – a diesel S-Class with the Lovecraft Biofuels conversion. Safe, classic, good for a million miles and truly bumpin'. I would find ours in safety orange or yellow with whitewalls and chrome wheels. Fly!

elle said...

Hi Lauren,
I love my Jetta TDI. It takes diesel and gets up to 45 mpg. It can take biodiesel and I'm hoping some new fuel options will soon be available for diesel drivers. The back seat and trunk are VERY roomy. I have the 2006 model but I believe diesels may be back in 2009 - this car certainly does not scream Mom and has all the options at a very reasonable price.