Monday, October 15, 2007

That's funny, when I'm over your mom lets me do whatever I want

A terrific Miss Manners Sunday:

Dear Miss Manners: At my mother's house, I was just hanging out and having a drink, which I was slurping. When my mother realized I was slurping, she said it was rude to slurp - but we did not have any company.
I know it is rude to slurp in public, but is it rude to slurp in private?
Gentle Reader: No, but you were not in private. You were in the company of your mother.

Damn, Judith!! Can you shoot someone down harder? MM just saw a gap in the logic and just drove her semi of manners right on through.

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Jeremy said...

By this argument, you could never do ANYTHING rude in the presence of ANYBODY. You would have to essentially have to lock yourself away in the closet, slurping your soda.

And even then, she would probably just argue that you're doing an injustice to yourself and anyone within earshot would be subject to your rude behavior.

I say, "fuck it", and do whatever makes you happy.

Oh, pardon, how rude of me for using a curse.