Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh My God! You're Such a Design Cub!

Our friend B.G. was just written up in The New York Observer! He goes by "Rob Seroka" in the article and can be seen in the photo gallery half-way down the page. "Design Bears Growl" discusses the newly emerged male genre of designers: the "Design Bear". A burly set, who rather than appearing as the usual, delicate fashion-maven man, roared onto the scene in their lumberjack plaids. (Oh yeah, and they're hairy, no boy-zillion waxes here.)

B.G., due to his tender age of 28, in known around town as a "Bear Cub" though. And just fyi: while living in San Francisco, I learned that if part of the gay community, Jon would be known as the often adored "Teddy Bear", due to his compact size, perfect for cuddling all night long.

When we were kids, B.G. and I despised each other for no specific reason. I still can't remember why. I just have memories of one year, eyeing each other with utter disgust and contempt while in photography class. B.G. with his Walkman blasting Dave Matthews Band, me, smelling of god awful patchouli and wearing the worst Head shop, alpaca sweater ever. Thing eventually blew over and what was once sniping anger grew into friendship and adoration.

One year I came home to visit from my first year at Sate, only to find to my great (SURPRISE!) B.G. living in my bedroom. No, not just momentarily "living", the dude moved in, personal possession and artifacts strewn across my bedroom floor. While initially peeved that my room was no longer my own, I soon warmed to the fact that is was just B.G. and indeed most of these artifacts upon my floor were DESIGNER artifacts, so it was all good.

In the end "Beeg" moved out, leaving behind a chronically unclaimed set of fabulous Crate and Barrel flatware, which I eventually adopted as my own. (Thanks B.G.)

So here's to Beeg! A great guy and an amazing Design Cub too!


Magdalena said...

Awww. I remember him! At 28, we would have been in the same graduating class. I'm not sure because I skipped out fairly soon after the ceremony- I'm not even sure I know more than a handful of my graduating class. Heh.

Jeremy said...


If I was gay, I'd totally be a bear.


I do like the flannel though.

ilya said...

walt whitman was a bear, no doubt.

does nathan lane count? and my former neighbor (in greenwich village) who was a photography art director for H&M was a mexican-american bear with huge beard, trucker hats, flannel, and abusive boyfriends to boot, bricks through the windows and all ... and he was doing this look like 4 years ago