Friday, July 20, 2007

Sorry for Swearing

Ok, now I feel bad about swearing in my last post. I'm only human and I mean, swearing can be fun. Sorry anyway though.... if it offended you or something. Hey, wait, but do you mind if I swear more in the future on here? Gosh, I'd love to, but I don't have the nerve. Is so not lady like, but oh so expressively fun.


Judy said...

LOL - hadn't read the earlier post until I saw this one!

I'm much like you. I usually toe the line anyway when it comes to driving, but I'm especially anal about adhering to the laws of the road when there's a speed demon behind me.

Magdalena said...

Wow, I think it's kind of hot. Swear some more.

Laura said...

I dare you to do that "What's My Blog Rated" on OkCupid now. I dare say that you might be at a PG rating now! LOL

Jeremy said...

It adds emotion. For example, in your post, I could FEEL the frustration with that lady. It was very tastefully done.

But then again, I swear on my blog all the time. But that's because I'm a product of my environment. My therapist told me that.

ADAM said...


Kendra Lynn said...

I hate tailgating...I may have sworn, too.
Love you.