Monday, July 02, 2007


One of my colleagues stood in line on Friday to get an iPhone for us to use as a template for accessories, and I got to play with it this morning. A few impressions:

a. For music, I prefer a regular video iPod. Flipping throught the album art is cool, but not as convenient as just scrolling down the song list.

b. The interface is very pretty. Everyone's phone should look this good.

c. The constant web connection is really nice (see stocks and weather below) but the slow phone network makes loading pages really slow. I didn't try it on our office wifi network.

d. I could not get the weather to change from Cupertino to Rochester Hills. This should be a no-brainer but it's not.

e. The virtual keyboard is a lot harder to use than the real keypad buttons on a Treo or Blackberry.

Ultimately, this is a great looking phone but it's hurt by the massive costs of ownership, the network speed issues and the typing problems. If you rely on your phone for email that is just a deal-breaker. On the other hand, it's pretty, it's extremely simple to use and no one comes close to the visual display. That's just not worth a few thousand dollars to me over the next two years, but for half a million other people over the weekend it seemed to do the trick. For now I will hang on to my Treo (which has a real keyboard, high-speed data and syncs with our office network), and we'll see if the next generation iPhone addresses some of the quirks.

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Laura said...

We went to our local mall to see the premiere but were so shocked when the line was about 5 stores back and growing. Two hours later, it wasn't much better, so we gave up. I guess we'll have to see it some other time. My husband wants to own one some day but, for now, it's a pipe dream and who knows, Apple might come out with something better (or at least fix the imperfections) by then. Don't get me wrong, it's a hot looking phone me, it's just that, a phone. Mine suits me just fine and it was free. Can't see spending upwards of $500 for one.