Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Look Who I Met!

This is me and my pal Mr. Optimus Prime at the Licensing Show last week. Talk about culmination of a dream! I still have my original OP Transformer (minus the long-gone shoot-off fists).

Meanwhile, this was great too, hope to ride in this sometime:


Sarah said...

This made Nate very very jealous. He's a pretty big OP fan.

Anonymous said...

I got OP on Christmas day. I remember taking him to show Jeremy. We were in his back yard and we shot his fists off and they landed somewhere in the snow. I think we found them in the Spring, but then my dad accidentally threw out all of my transformers with the trash (I kept them in a little shoebox bag). :(

Are you ready for the movie???

They got the original voice of OP to do the movie.
Somewhere on the web is him doing OP, during a newsconference. Everybody cheered when they heard his voice again. :)


Hong Kong Paul

Jonathan said...

Anyone want to go see it on Thursday? I just watched the trailer and it looks awesome.