Monday, June 25, 2007


We have been so busy the last few weeks! Not much time to write. I had always thought of June as sort of a slow month, but everything is happening right now. Lauren just had a birthday (she can talk about that if she wants to), and I took two trips to New York City, for a press event and the Licensing show. I was able to see my friends Charlie, Scott and Ilya while I was in New York, my brother Daniel was home for a few weeks before a year of study abroad, and our friends George and Junko from college visited us from New Jersey. George has a new job and he brought us some of the rice beer from Japan his company distributes. I have not tried it yet, but we did take them to Cafe Habana (I still feel like its fabulousness is somehow a secret) and George treated us to some delicious pastry, once we learned that the chocolate they use passed his muster (Surrender to the Goodness!).

Between the travel, the events and keeping the tomatoes in good shape, writing about everything has suffered - which is exactly how summer should work. In Michigan you can catch up with your reading and writing in January. Further, we just haven't felt like being at home much. I took a little vacation time during the last few weeks and we got to visit my grandmother in Toledo for the first time in way too long. This weekend we had great teppanyaki for Lauren's birthday, and now I am certain that we need our our own 100,000 BTU Hibachi grill in the back yard.

Lauren and Noah and I spent a major chunk of the day Saturday in Royal Oak just hanging around, and yesterday we went to Ann Arbor just because it seemed like the thing to do. We're having fun, hope you are too.

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I love you.