Monday, June 25, 2007

Boom Boom!

In this instance I don't mind making HBO some money, because I just saw Flight of the Conchords last night for the first time and it is hilarious:


Jeremy said...

How could you not like New Zealand's fourth most popular folk-parody duo?

My wife said she doesn't get it, but I think it's a great show.

Jonathan said...

Tonight we're going to watch the first episode on on-demand. I love it whenever true wacked-out hilarious weirdness gets on the air given how risk averse most networks are to do anything truly funny. Do you watch "Tom Goes to the Mayor?" Again, strange premise, but it works.

Jeremy said...

Of course!

I'm a late night Adult Swim addict.

I think I like those programs because it's the kind of stuff I would put on TV if I had the opportunity.