Saturday, June 02, 2007

Very Fruedian

(Jon putting sunscreen on Noah this morning..Legs, feet, back of the neck...)

Jon: Noah, let's put some on your arms now.
Noah: Ok.
Jon: How about a little on the back of your ears?
Noah: Uh huh...
Noah: I know Daddy, and put some on my ego too!


Judy said...

Please tell me this is an older picture - you are NOT wearing long sleeves in June are you?

cuz if you are, I'm coming to YOUR house - it is 93 degrees here today!

meagan said...

so funny, but please don't forget the id!

Lauren said...

Judy, it was two weeks ago! You don't want to come here though, believe it or not, it was about the same in Detroit today. The care said 92 degrees. That's Michigan weather, always always changing from one extreme to the next. We have hot, humid summers and freezing winters, yuck!

MeAgan,thanks and let us also not forget the super-ego too! :)

Magdalena said...

Both of your boys look like models. How the hell did he learn the word Ego? That cracks me up! I don't know where they get this Jack was talking about biosoloids. WTF?
I definitely didn't drink the same water when I was a kid.