Friday, June 01, 2007

Super Proud Bragging Mommy Moment (Sorry, I just had to)

Before we leave for school, Noah usually picks a train to bring with him to class. We write his first and last name in small print on the bottom of the trains so he doesn't lose them among the school's toys. I usually talk to Noah about spelling his first and last name as I write.

This morning as I sat in the chair, pen in hand and Noah spelled out his first and last name for me so that I could write it down. I'd say pretty cool for a kid who just turned two and a half!


Judy said...

Its amazing how much they learn and how quickly, isn't it? Tyler walks around saying T-Y-L-E-R is Tyluh, dats me! to everyone.

Stop signs are also good because we see so many of them and they are so easy to find. Travis never called it a stop sign - it was always an "octagon" when he was that age, because that's what I always called it ("There's an octagon, Travis!").

Is he pedaling the tricycle? Have you guys thought about getting one of those itty bitty bikes with the training wheels (like a 10 inch wheel)? I bet he'd be a speed demon on one, but you'll have to work on the helmet!

Lauren said...

Hey Judy, thanks! That's so cute about Tyler, it must be adorable to hear him going around saying that.

It's so funny and ironic about Travis and the octagon stop sign because that's what Noah says about them. I think when some kids get through with the basic shapes, they just need some that are more exciting and "spicy"! Noah's current favorites are "Octagon", "Pentagon", "Trapazoid" and his mother's fav; "diamond".

I know about the bike. Noah likes to ride around on his tricycle, but the problem is, they only move so fast. I saw a tiny little Diego bike at Target that was on sale, I think a 10", but sadly, I still think Noah's legs are too short. He was in the cart and I didn't want to get him out because as you know, that's the point of no return. I tried to size up the height of the bike verses his legs, verses the bike we already have. I think he just needs to be a bit taller. We bought the Radio Flyer trike and that was even too tall. Maybe I'll go back to Target soon and reconsider.

Thanks for the input!
Lauren :)

Laura said...

Wow, that's just amazing, to me! We've been trying to teach Caitlin her ABCs and have had marginal success. I never thought to spell out her name like that. I think we'll try that in the bath tub tonight. Thanks for the idea.

FYI, Caitlin got one of those little 10" bikes for her third birthday and it was a perfect fit & she just recently learned how to petal & stop. Maybe next year for Noah or who knows, he might have a big growth spurt...

Lauren said...

Hey Laura! How are you?! Yeah, just spell Caitie's name out slowly and talk about it whenever you think of it, just for fun. I bet she learns really quickly!

So doesn Caitlin love her bike? Maybe I'll try the 10" for his b-day then. Noah just measured 33" I think, so pretty soon!

Thanks a bunch Laura. :)

Judy said...

Just don't forget the helmet, okay? HAHA

Hey, Jon had a post up with the pictures of the ducks in his parking lot (it came across my bloglines reader)...but it isn't there anymore. Just let him know that I am thankful for his insightful posts and blah to anyone who says otherwise! HEE HEE!


Lauren said...

Ha! Judy, you crack me up. Yes, helmet check! Baby ducklings waddling across the parking lot , check!

Thanks for caring. :)

TGIF you too!


Kendra Lynn said...

Kelsey and Merry both learned to spell their names around 2 1/2 or 3....excellent, Noah! Now they go around constantly spelling their names. And if somebody writes down their names and mispells them....oooh boy. NOT good.

Love you, miss you, let's put a date on the calendar okay?


Lauren said...
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