Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ten Random Things About Me (if you really want to know..)

MeAgan tagged me with this Meme and so did my friend Bree who has a secret, annon blog I might not want to link to. They cool.

1. I can speak/write/read Japanese, at one point, I was fairly fluent. I dated a boy from Japan in college for two years. Ate a lot of raw fish and sang a lot of Utada Hikaru in the karaoke box.

2. As a kid I wore plaid glasses. The frames were a red tartan, which kids made fun of me daily for. I was called "Scotch Tape". One day in third grade a bag piper came to our class. He decided to choose one person to try and blow on the bag pipes. All of those stupid kids were raising and flailing their arms. can you guess who he picked?

3. I played on the boy's lacrosse team in high school because there wasn't a girl's team. We started a petition and the next year a girl's team was formed. It's still successful today.

4. I'm obsessed with the Beatles, more so John Lennon. Saved all of my babysitting money one summer when I was 13 for a signed Yoko Ono book called "Grapefruit". I had it on lay-away at the Cranbrook Art Museum. I wanted to be Avant- garde just like them.

5. Things I don't care for: Our current leader and govenment, the bias of organized religion, the Iraq war, telephones, hunters, the way Americans live in some respects, peanut butter, Hummers, meat.

6. I have a lot of regrets in life and don't want to make anymore. I should have moved to New York, I should have taken my Ritalin more to study, I should have stuck with my original major (psycology) I should have started grad school already. I should have had my hair professionally done for Yuko's wedding.

7. I have only had one driving ticket in the past 13 years. I went right on red when I was 16...BUT...when I was 15 and driving with my father, I sideswiped a school bus! It was hard to see. I like to drive, I'm good with a manual, I drove our car in San Francisco on hills like this.

8. I'm good at fake smiling, only because I don't want you to ask how I am.

9. Once I went to London and fell asleep in Les Mis. Once I went to New York and sat next to Woody Allen at a bar. I ordered my first espresso to be cool, I was 11. The next year my father packed up and moved to NYC, I was pissed.

10. When I was seven I had visions of my insignificance as a human on planet earth and in relation to the wholeness of the universe. It scared me to see this ultimate of truths and I had to sleep in my parents room for a while because I'd always see this as I was falling asleep. I have finally found where I belong, I'm a Theosophist and now it all makes more sense.

The only person I tag is jon, just because he has a lot of interesting things to say and just because most of the people I know have already done this.


Laura said...

What an interesting life you led. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into it. You are now a much more complicated and unique person than I originally thought and that's a GOOD thing! :D

Lauren said...

Hey Laura!
Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments! That is a very nice compliment, at least in my book, thank you. I really strive to be a diverse person and I love to learn new things. I never want to stop learning! Guess what? YOU are a very complicated and unique person too, I've learned a ton from you! For example, you taught me about the "ABC Center at providence and that started a whole new world of learning for me. Thanks a bunch. :) How are the girlies doing today? I'm thinking of you a bunch and I know the work vs. SAHM things will straighten out, they always seem to.
Love ya lots!

Judy said...

WOW - these are really insightful responses! I'm not a big Hummer fan, either, and who can really afford to gas em these days???

You can't turn right on red there? What kind of world are you living in? We live by the right on red rule in Texas!

Lauren said...

Heeeeeey Judy! Hi there! Gosh Judy, I miss ya, sorry I've been gone for a while. Stopped by to see what the boys were up to a few days ago and blogger wasn't putting up your pics for a moment. I love the pictures, I've got to see how much they've been growing lately! Thanks for the comment, I need to get better at sitting down and commenting on other people's blogs. Noah is always at my heels, so I jump online and offline in 5 minute spurts. Anyway, always great to hear from you. :)

Ok, so yes, we can go right on red in Michigan but this happened to be some random, odd intersection. The "no turn on red" sign was actually hidden by some over grown tree branches. The nerve!

Heidi said...

Regarding your #5: Perfect!

Lauren said...

Oh my God, Heidi, I love you.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Laurentula!

1. Konichiwa! Wa tashi wa Paul-des! (not sure about spelling but I still remember my first and only Japanese lesson)

2. I have to remember that one. But, I was one of the few white kids in my school and add a speech impediment to that and... well... kids can be cruel.

3. Yes! That is a natural outlet for your desire to throw people around...

4. A John freak... My mom was a Paul freak, hence my name... But Beatles rock! Eight days a week.

5. Hunters are the only thing protecting our homeland from natural insurgents! It's us versus them. Personally, I think we should give them Hummers, especially if they're taking on 1000# wild pigs.

6. I regret having to miss all my friends and family now. I need a good Lauren hug, a story with Noah and Jon's wit with coffee. :(

7. I've got three tickets. two for speeding (zoom zoom) and one for turning right against a red. And you know what? That last one was when I was on my way to feed and pet Priya and Dr. Flieschman!

8. Luckily you can't fake hug. Because sometimes you can't talk your way outta the blues.

9. Was Woody checking you out???

10. I'm somewhat of a Humanist but I totally know what you mean about having that flash of insignificance. I was a teenager and was questioning everything in life, trying to figure out who I was and my place in the world.
I found it in being one thread in a beautifully tangled web of humanity -- but pluck one and the whole thing vibrates.

Best to you, Jon and Noah. I'll be home in a month!

Lauren said...

Oh Paul.......
You have me tearing up and laughing at the same time. We miss you SO much!!!!
Really, home just isn't truly home without our Paul. I can't wait to see you next month and I know the same goes for Noah and John. Noah keeps saying "Uncle Paul is on a big trip!", although yesterday he suddenly asked to go to "Uncle Paul's house".

Loved your comments, too funny. Seriously your Nihong is like 99.9% correct, how the heck did you remember that!? #5., I was cracking up and oh gosh, SO sorry about that ticket, can we um...pay for it or split it or something? After all, you were coming to feed our biting cat and guinea pig. Yes Paul, we are all one thread in a beautifully tangled web of humanity. Nobody could have put it better. That's why we love you P. :)

Kendra Lynn said...

Dear Lauren:
I loved this post...I'm sorry about your plaid glasses. I had those huge frames, you know, the plastic ones. Only mine changed color every year with my prescription. Red, blue, green, etc.
I was "four-eyes" to many. Not to mention, "goody-two-shoes" and "teachers' pet".
Yeah...life is crazy.
I love you, miss you, can't wait to hug ya.