Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the Media. A Few Recent Things I've Enjoyed

Who killed the Electric Car
This documentary was in my Netflix queue. What really struck me was the complete and utter stupidity and greediness of the automotive companies. Dudes, you know all of that money you are making on gas guzzling cars these days? Um , yeah, when our plant is a 100 degree daily inferno and we all die from global warming, that money isn't going to help you. Yes, cars are needed, yes I drive one, yes they are something I am thankful for, BUT..our automotive industry needs to be researching and addressing the very current needs for environmentally friendly cars beyond what they are doing now. Cars are not evil, but we need to step up and put time, money and effort into new alternatives. This really hits home because my brother is trying to start up his company changing gas cars into 100% electric . I'll keep you posted on that but it is called "New Detroit". These cars run on batteries, give off no pollution, are fast, efficient and reliable. I'm thinking of having my own car changed over. Just some food for thought.

Readings from Howard Zinn's "Voices of a People's History of the United States" on yesterday's "Democracy Now" radio program on NPR.
I was especially moved by Cindy Sheehan's piece, she is the mother of fallen soldier, Casey Sheehan. Sadly, she resigned yesterday as "the face of the American anti-war movement". On a human scale, politics aside, she is a brave woman, with important things to say.

#1 Song on This Date in History

Neat site. I like it more for the way it is set-up. Check out what song was number one the day you were born.

Do good.

Little Children

I loved this movie. It spoke to me in some ways and it was beautifully shot. A good summer movie that isn't out in the movies, so it's a good summer DVD. Just watch it.

OMG, this girl looks so much like me! Scary.

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Laura said...

Totally cool about your brother's business. Count me in for having my car converted. I'm so sick of having to pay darn near $4/gallon for gas and then, looking at the mountains and seeing Denver's smog line.

The #1 song site is way cool. I quizzed Ben, the resident music source, and he was surprised at what some of the songs were on important dates in our family.

Little Children looks good, may have to see about renting it. I love Kate Winslet.

OMG, that girl could totally be your twin, that is scary! I used to get asked if I had a sister when I was in college 'cause apparently, another girl looked just like me. Did my parents clone me?