Thursday, March 22, 2007

This American Life

I really like listening to This American Life on Public Radio, and starting tonight I am excited to be able to watch it on TV. The radio show is one of the best programs on the air, so I have high hopes that it translates well to television. I'd say it's a shame that you have to subscribe to Showtime to get to see it, but I don't think most "free" networks would even be interested in the measured, thoughtful (but not boring) pace of This American Life.

Don't have Showtime? Do what I did about three weeks ago (but do it now, so you can watch tonight). I called Comcast and said that my cable package (ie regular digital cable, no premiums) was too expensive compared to what you could get from the satellite providers. To keep my business they dropped it $20 a month for a year, and to get some of the $20 back they asked if I wanted Showtime and HBO for six months for $3 each. I said, "Sure," so now we get "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "This American Life." Nice. A net savings of $14 a month, plus about 40 extra channels, for a five minute call.

You can get download free podcasts of This American Life radio here for a week after they broadcast, and subscribe through iTunes here.

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