Tuesday, January 23, 2007

High Hopes

I just ordered takeout from NOBANA for the first time, and I'll pick it up in half an hour. I hope it's great, because the sushi prices are terrific. Happy shades of Yum Yum Fish, an experience we have been unable to replicate in Michigan. We would walk down the street and gorge ourselves on sushi for about $20 (with leftovers), and you could get a bowl of terrific fish soup for a couple of bucks. They also had a French employee who made sausage, so you could find French charcuterie at a Japanese fish market. What a city. Anyway, if we can eat half that well tonight, I'm a regular.

UPATE - Pretty good! As I mentioned the prices are great, but that would not matter if the fish was bad. In this case everything was tasty and well made, and seemed either fresh (or nicely frozen). Nothing was off, we had about a roll leftover, and it was cheap (well, splurge cheap, not cheap cheap. Apologies to Dan Leone). We'll be back.


Magdalena said...

MMMmmm, look at all those veggie options! Luck-yyy. Did I ever happen to mention that I live in a cultural desert? Hmmm? Have I?
Well, I do. There are actually a couple of good places, but it is majorly expensive. There is a place that I frequent that you and Lauren would LOVE if you ever came here though, check it.

They have everything. Every-THING.

Judy said...

Can't do the fish, really I can't, but I love me a California roll - I'm all about the quasi-sushi experience.