Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ay Caramba!

Noah never ceases to amaze me these days. He's becoming quite the conversationalist and has shocked me with his ever expanding vocabulary. Jon and I were very verbal little kids, so part of it's genetic, but quite honestly, we're in agreement that Noah is already much more intelligent than we ever were.

Earlier this morning, Noah walked into the living room where I was sewing a button back on my coat. He walked in, checked out a toy and said to himself "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco." and then walked back out of the room.

Uh...wow..cool Noah! I don't have any idea where he learned to count in Spanish, my only guess is from Dora the Explorer. Pretty good though I must say! I've been planning to teach him a second language for a while, but never seemed to really get started. I guess now's the time!

Since this is our blog, may I please just gloat about how proud I am of Noah for a moment, because I really am. He's been such a great learner and I'm very proud of him for paying attention. Perhaps it's not so much paying attention, but he has been good at absorbing things.I started worrying last year that since he never stopped moving long enough to listen to a book , that he would have a difficult time learning. I'm so relieved to know now, that isn't the case.

I know I mentioned a while back that Noah suddenly began to sing his ABC's. After that I decided to start teaching him about letters. We bought an ABC puzzle and some flash cards. Before I knew it, Noah was able to point out, identify and say each letter's name! That was about a month before his second birthday, so I was very impressed! Now when we go out, he loves to call out letter and numbers on signs and packaging and in store windows. It's pretty fun. He's in the process of learning each letter's sound and doing quite well, and I swear, unless I am crazy, he read the word "Diego" on his own last month. It was on a plain white background, in simple black letters. I don't know, it might have been a fluke. In school they just started the ABC's and are using letter stamps to learn to spell their names. Noah hates to be asked to spell his name and always replies..."No! Spell Joshua." He really loves his best buddy.


Judy said...

OF COURSE he's brilliant!

Kids are amazing at how quickly they pick stuff up - playing around with different languages right now is prime opportunity to expand all sorts of his learning abilities - you'd be amazed at what learning a second language does for children and their brain function.

We've always said that with Travis, our oldest, we were going to have to go back to school just to keep up with the kid. With Tyler, though, I think we'll probably have to take out extra life insurance - the kid is fearless and scares us to pieces!

Laura said...

I have to agree with Judy that Noah is brilliant! It's amazing that he already knows his letters. I am just starting to teach Caitlin. She's known her ABC's for awhile but doesn't know what they look like or the sounds that they make. Like Noah, she has picked up an incredible amount of Spanish from Dora. I am going to have to get a Spanish/English dictionary soon 'cause she asks me what the Spanish word is for almost everything. They say that between 2-5 is the best time to start teaching a 2nd language 'cause kids are sponges. Have fun with Noah!

Lauren said...

Hee hee...thanks Judy and Laura. I might just think Noah is smart because I am his Mom and biased of course. :) I do have to say he surprises me a lot!

Vamanos! I learn so much from Dora too. Laura, Caitie has the Dota talking kitchen, right? I heard kids LOVE that toy. What do you think? I know some Japanese, used to be much closer to fluent in college, but I'd really like to start teaching Noah. You're right, now is a good time to start. Thanks girls!

Magdalena said...

Girl, of course that kid is smart; look at his mom and dad! It's amazing what they absorb when you think they aren't paying attention.

Kendra Lynn said...

Merry and Kelsey have recently begun to sign their names. I only showed them maybe three times. I really want to continue to teach them sign language and spanish.

Its great when they break out singing a song en espanol.