Monday, August 14, 2006

HB Ride Spotting: The New Jeep Wrangler (Zzzzzzz.....again)

I've seen a ton of these around Detroit already, but since it's still "unreleased" I'll post it. This one is interesting if only because it has that new "Sun Rider" modular hard top, so you can get your toupee breezy without taking the whole roof off, like on a 1988 RX7 convertible.

Other than that, it's nice 'n blocky, with big cartoony tires that I like a lot, and it's got the stance of a vintage military jeep. Overall it's good looking, and I think it's a more compelling package than a FJ Cruiser. I don't think it will keep me from getting a Honda Fit next, since lately I've been pretty down about gas-chugging SUVs, but it's cool.


Judy said...

Scott's dream car - right there!

Sarah said...

I forgot that every August your blog turns into autorama...yuck :(

Bring back Lauren!

Kendra Lynn said...

I miss you, girl.