Wednesday, July 26, 2006

HB Ride Spotting: Sweeeeeeet

This afternoon I met with some furniture people in Royal Oak to learn about new credenzas and womb chairs for our offices (laminate or veneer? laminate or veneer? crap!). I was a few minutes early so I stopped for gas at Lincoln and Main in Royal Oak, and found... the freaking new Dodge Challenger! With the engine running (rumbly!)! It's very, very cool. It sounds like what you would want to hear going up Woodward on a nice night in late summer.

What is even better is that my friend Garrett had stopped there earlier and had a good camera, and he's going to send me pics of the other stuff he saw that was already loaded onto the truck by the time I happened to stop by, including the Chrysler Firepower and Dodge Rampage show cars.

UPDATE: Here they are, Garret got great pictures of several million dollars worth of concept cars in a parking lot near the railroad tracks in downtown Royal Oak.

UPDATE2: Looks like the Free Press saw these too.

Chrysler Imperial concept car.

Dodge Rampage concept truck.

Chrysler Firepower concept from a couple of years ago.

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