Monday, April 03, 2006

What is This?

When we lived in California Lauren and I saw this 'sprinting salaryman' sticker on a lamppost we were parked next to. We liked it and it reminded us of me at the time, so we peeled it off and stuck it on the car. When the new owner arrived this weekend, I could not get it off without ruining it, so I took some pictures and left it on there as a present to the new salaryman who'll be driving it.

My question then, is what is this supposed to represent? Who's the group that printed it? What do they stand for? Should I have been ashamed of this, or delighted? It meant something to me, but I wonder if it is something entirely different to whomever put it out there. It's found art to us, but I want to know the intent of the creator.

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