Monday, April 03, 2006


I just received an email from the gentleman who purchased my car. He made it back to DC uneventfully, and he said he had a good time on the drive. Or as he put it:

So, I got the car back with little drama. No spontaneous combustion, no wheels falling off, etc.
Good to know. So how did I celebrate having one less car on my insurance policy? Plasma phone? Surround-sound washing machine? TV hidden behind a fake rock wall?

Nope, nope, nope. Guess in the comments and if you get close I'll get you one too.



meagan said...

i think you bought thie:

Bree said...

You got a pasty from Barb's! Men like to celebrate with meat pies, I find.

Jonathan said...

In a way, you're both right. Close but no shoe though.

Joel said...

pimpstar wheels?

Jonathan said...

I wish, my man. Those cost more than I sold the car for.

All: Click here, watch tape, etc.

Judy said...

You got a portable DVD player? (trying to figure out the click here thingy)

Kendra Lynn said... mentioned that Noah needed new shoes? Did you visit Stride Rite???? LOL

Jeremy said...

I don't know what you got, but I think you should have bought this:

Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band

Jonathan said...

OK, It's been a day, so I'm going to end this. Meagan and Bree, you both win a cheeseburger from Steak 'n Shake, congratulations. Note that vegetarians are free to give it to whomever they want; please let me know where you'd like it sent.