Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring has Sprung....and so has Ice Cream Season!

Today, we took Noah for some ice cream at our local shop. I used to go to this same place when I was Noah's age! When we walked in, the owner, who remembers me as a kid, couldn't believe that I have one of my own now! Before getting Noah some ice cream, we ran into the grocery store nextdoor. we left the cart and stroller outside the ice cream shop and it totally reminded me of what the sidewalks of SF used to look like; random shopping carts sitting around holding all kinds of weird stuff.


Kendra Lynn said...

Yay! Ice cream! We LOVE going to get ice cream with the girlies. :)
And of course, they LOVE getting ice cream! :)
Eat up, Noah....right now the calories won't matter to you.
20 years from now they will start to.

Kristin said...

Oh man, I could immediately identify that as Stroh's! I haven't been there in forever. That totally reminds me of being a kid!

Judy said...

Oh MAN that looks GOOD!!!!

Laura said...

We've started going to Cold Stone Creamery here in Aurora. I remember the summer that they opened the one in B'ham. It saved me on those hot summer days when I was hugely pregnant! Worth the walk around the block, no doubt!