Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thanks for the Treats Bubby!

we had a weekend with uncle Daniel,Bubby, Zayde and Original Bubby! It started with a shabbat dinner with Daniel at a rabbi's home. Daniel was giving a sermon at this rabbi's temple the next morning. At shabbat, in front of 11 people I spilled wine in the middle of kiddush, the prayer over the wine. Ha! Good timing Lauren. So embarassing. Ooooo...I angered the wine gods.
Saturday we met Bubby and Zayde at the library for while and on Sunday we went down to Toledo to the original Bubby's house. Noah gots some yummy Mac N' Cheese out of this trip and some homemade cookies! Thanks Bubby!

Originally uploaded by How Bourgeois.

Originally uploaded by How Bourgeois.

Originally uploaded by How Bourgeois.


Judy said...

Lauren, I had to laugh at your post above and this one about the shabbat. I wasn't really laughing when I actually read them, but here you are, going on and on about having a "Monday moment" (as we call them here), and I couldn't get your comments to open! Blogger must be reacting to your post! HAHA

Anyway, hope tomorrow is better, and don't worry, we've all done things like that (and worse) and you will probably find yourself doing just as horribly embarrassing things (and worse) another day!

You want to hear a bad DADDY moment? We were in Wal Mart once and Scott had Travis on his shoulders - Travis must have been 4 because I was pregnant with Tyler...either 4 or just turned 5. Anyway, we were walking out of the store and Scott, well, he forgot to duck. WHAM! He ran Travis smack into the top of the door frame - that METAL door frame with the sensor thing at the top! OH.MY.GAWD. I thought the CPS police were going to come after us! Sheesh! Travis was okay, but Scott and I wanted to run and hide!

Lauren said...

OMG! Judy, that is so funny!...ok, well..not for Travis (glad he's ok). I'm just laughing because, well, in retrospect it was like an america's Funniest Home Video OOOPS!!! Moment.

Scott must be pretty tall...we Steins don't have quite that problem! :)

Judy said...

6 feet, 4 inches tall - 10 inches taller than me. The whole Griscom family is giganticus.

By the way, that picture of Bubby and Noah makes Noah look HUGE! Poor Bubby trying to hold him up! That made my arms hurt for her!

Kendra Lynn said...

Glad you got some good family time and some yummy mac n cheese.d I make a mean mac n cheese myself. :)
Love you.