Sunday, March 26, 2006

"Judge Rules Teachers Have No Free Speech Rights in Class "

Thank God that there is finally someone with the courage to put an end to the peace hysteria sweeping the United States. I don't know what made this lady think that you could speak freely in America, but if I ever hear that Noah's teachers "honk for peace" and I hear about, then so will the school board!

Judge Barker ruled that “teachers, including Ms. Mayer, do not have a right under the First Amendment to express their opinions with their students during the instructional period.”

By the way: This is, in a word, insane. You can't express your opinion to your students? Tell that to, I don't know, pretty much every teacher I have ever had? If teaching performance us sub-par, then by all means weed out the bad apples. It's overdue. But this ruling could lead to the firing or attrition of good teachers because they are not allowed to express an opinion, and it's wrong.

For the record, there are 24 results for this story on Google News. There are 4,220 on Ron Artest. What a country...


Judy said...

It IS a problem. When I taught public school, it was very difficult to not express my political opinions, my religious beliefs and such with my junior high kids - THEY ASK THOSE KINDS OF QUESTIONS. All you can really do is be a good listener and facilitator.

Jonathan said...

Would they have dismissed you for it?