Friday, February 03, 2006

Nate is addicted to Youtube

My friend Nate loves Youtube, which is a site filled with user-submitted video. Doesn't matter if it is husky dancers, go-karting ninjas, whale noises or just people falling over, Nate wants to see it.

Here is what he just sent Lauren and I. I've seen this guy before, but it's always amazing.

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Judy said...

That guy is just...weird!

Just noticed on your weather thingy on your blog that it is 30 degrees there? We're at 77 this afternoon! Talk about crazy-weird!

lifeindaburbs said...

that's great...!
this guy is a big star in japan...
he's been doing these crazy gigs for years. i saw him swallow something like 50 needles once.. nuts!