Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mindless Minutia

Today was a full day for us. First we went to Noah's 15 month doctor's appointment. It was a couple of weeks early, but for some reason, that's when we scheduled the appointment. Good thing Jon had it written down, otherwise I would have completly forgotten!

Noah did great and the new doctor that we met, Dr. Miral, was just wonderful. I loved her, very patient, informative and sweet. We'll definitly go see her again! This time around at 24 pounds, 9 ounces, Noah came in at 50th percentile for weight which is good since at one point he was just about off the charts. He's starting to level off. He measured 30 inches long, about 17th percentile for height..but Dr. Miral said this is too early to be indicative of adult height. Jon and I will be happy whatever height he is someday, it would just be nice if he had maybe a few inches on us.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the appointment. Noah had a blast playing on their table which made squeeking noises and was covered in paper that crinkled.

After his doctor's appointment, we felt a little hungry, so Noah and I went to Panera. We shared some nice broccoli soup, half a turkey and artichoke sandwhich, a fruit cup and milk. Honestly though, he just wanted my apple. At end of lunch I said "Noah, what a mess you made" , and them imediatly preceeded to accidentally knock over my drink. It spilled everywhere and the ice even hit some Grandmas sitting near by. Oh yeah, we shared a chocolate chip cookie for desert.

After lunch We headed home. Noah napped a little while, but soon woke up crying. I snuggled him up in his blanket and rocked Noah back to sleep. I think he didn't feel too well from the shots today. :( Eventually the rocking chair became very uncomfortable so we switched to the couch where for the first time EVER the phone didn't ring and we actually took an hour nap together. WHAT a difference sleep makes! Honestly, I felt really rested,alert, so much better than usual. I think we both need more sleep.

We woke up and a whole later Dad came home. Since Noah was well rested, we decided to venture out for dinner and see what's happening in town as the Super Bowl is almost here. You know, Detroit is really gearing up. We went to Greek Isles, a coney island restaurant. Noah and I had eggs.

Ok, so now for the best part. After dinner I needed a coffee. So, we walked over to the Caribou downtown. There was a band play...well, the band is more like one guy with a guitar, but his friend was playing with him today. We were only able to stay for one song as it was bed time, but Noah loved it! He stood up and rocked out with them. Noah danced side to side the whole time and walked around. He didn't even want to hold my hand! It was really fun. I added in an additional picture from Noah making coffee at our regular Caribou the other night.

It was a great day. Tomorrow, Mom and Tot class, which is always fun.


Bree said...

Lauren, he is so cute! It sounds like a very nice day despite the shots! I always hate taking them in for that. You get a nice rest period after 2 years old, though. :)

Judy said...

Ohmygoodness! Look at that lots o' lovin' baby belly! I love it! Tyler's got one, too.

What an awesome nap! I miss those days - with Travis running around, I don't get those much with Tyler!

We were watching Dancing with the Stars last night and Tyler was LOVING it - danced all over the place! HAHA