Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Best Anniversary so far!

Well, even though our anniversary plans weren't turning out the way we had plan them, I'm happy to say this has been a nice anniversary after all. Remember that sore throat I was fighting with garlic and vinegar the other day? Well, it finally turned into a cold. So being a bit sick, I guess our anniversary at home is much better than if we had spent a late night out. After Jon got home from work, we fed Noah and decided to visit our local gourmet market, Papa Joe's for some dinner take-out and then went to the huge Borders next door for a few magazines. It really was fun. Mundane, but fun. Maybe that's what marriage is I guess.

Here is what we chose:

for starters.....
Fresh Mozarella cheese
Roasted and marinated red peppers
Olive oil
All on salted ciabatta bread

The main course....
Roasted onion, fennel and apple
Breaded and stuffed chicken breasts with spinach, gruyere cheese and bachemel sauce

Sparkling peach apple juice from the Sonoma Valley to drink.

Godiva chocolate coffee, mocha java brownie, German chocolate brownie and a tiny chocolate mouse mud pie.

We watched a whole bunch of episodes of "#1 Single" Lisa Loeb's new reality show about her quest for a boyfriend.

My Mom called asking about sweatpants for Noah in the middle of dinner. That was interesting. Oh and by the way, I got Jon a blow torch for our anniversary. Seriously. It's what he wanted, to make brown sugar encrusted grapefruit and creme brulee. Noah and I must have looked really weird at Home Depot buying a blow torch. I also got a really nice plant from Jon, it has two different kinds of pink flowers. We'll post some pictures soon.

Thanks Jon, it was a nice evening.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad your anniversary was good. They seem to be getting better with each year (kinda like wine).
Your blog is addicting--I was introduced to it yesterday and I can not get enough. Lauren, you are such a talented writer. I feel like you are all family.
I love the pictorial story about a boy and his lid. Uncle Paul is so proud of Noah. Who wouldn't be? He is so cute!

Lauren said...

Wow! Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. Gosh, you feel like family too! Wow, the internet is an amazing thing! :)

Judy said...

Hey, you got OUT of the house? You lucky thing you! I cooked spaghetti, did school work with Travis and put the boys to bed in time to catch a little American Idol before pulling out my laptop and doing a little eBay business (an addict - I am!).

I can't wait to see the plant!

Bree said...

I am glad it turned out okay Lauren! It sounds like all that stuff was yummy! BTW, I might be kind of jealous. Just a little, because right now good food and some books and a bunch of episodes of Lisa Loeb's show sounds really good to me!!!Maybe that can be our date when I come into town! lol

Kendra Lynn said...

Happy anniversary a little late!
You know...next year... CALL ME...I'LL WATCH NOAH FOR YOU! I'm serious...if I am in town...I'll watch him while you guys go out.

I love you much.

Take care.


robbz said...

don't forget to use that blowtorch for tuna tataki.