Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Love you Dr. Weil !

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Hey, I'm reading THIS really amazing book by Doctor Andrew Weil. Doctor Weil is a graduate of Harvard Medical School who saw a need for the greater acceptance and use of non-tradition, homio-pathic medicine in the US health system. I believe what he says about eating organic, consuming less meat and dairy, taking anti-oxidants and vitamin and herbal remedies before resorting to drugs. It's amazing stuff, the stories I have read about people healing from the laying on of hands, breathing to de-stress and chiropractic care have also intrigued me.

Slowly but surely, over the next year, I hope to make lifestyle changes and follow Dr. Weil's advice to good health!

The first changes I am trying to achieve are to drink more water, eat more veggies and switch to organic produce and meat. I also aim to consume more soy protein since I rarely eat meat. We already drink organic milk.

I love you Dr. Weil!!!


Kendra Lynn said...

I've seen people be healed by the laying on of hands....no matter how many times you see it, its amazing!

Garrett said...

My dad used to heal me by laying his hands on me. He referred to it as a "smack." I think it cured potty mouth and being a smart ass. I've also been healed by the ladies laying thier hands on me but thats another story entirely.

Garrett said...

Oh, and I love all of you by the way.

Jonathan said...

Garrett, I'm pretty sure it didn't cure smart ass. Might want to have that looked at?