Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fun Day

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Noah and I had a fun day with Anzu, "Mystery Mom" and "Secret Sumo Hair", First we went, where? Target of course. I announced that "Target is the best store on earth" and Mystery Mom and Secret Sumo hair gave me a weird look. maybe it's not THE greatest....but close. Then we headed over to Panera for a bite to eat. Next week we're going to bake bread together as Secret Sumo said "Bread is her passion". Yeah, I know what you're domestic of me, huh?


Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like a good day. Wish we lived closer so we could do days like that. :(
I love you.
I miss you.
Let's get together very soon.

Laura B. said...

I like how you guys are always going to Panera...

Judy said...

Of COURSE Target is the best store on Earth! Why would anyone think otherwise? I was there today - bought these HUGE candles for $.75 each! Guess what the preschool teachers are getting for Valentine's day! Tee hee! And, I found a 2-pack of Hot Wheels cars for my 6 year old for $.29!!! YIPPEE! I ran into a girlfriend of mine in there and she found a king size air mattress for FIVE DOLLARS. I kid you not. Tyler got new shoes ($2.25), Travis got a shirt ($.97) and I'm a happy momma! TARGET ROCKS!

Bree said...

I like Target's carts, they are so roomy and lightweight. They are really easy on the wrists and they make a pleasing noise on the floor. I also like how Target smells like Cheerios when you first walk in.
I think I will go there now. :)

Laura said...

When we move to Aurora next week (I promise to post soon about it), we will be less than a mile away from a Super Target! Right now, we have to drive an hour--oh, the humanity! I just hope that my checkbook survives living so close to my favorite store. I heard that they got a new designer line...must go, must go!