Monday, November 14, 2005

It's The Concept.....

I wouldn't say I'm mad. it's more like dissapointment and shock. After work Jon met Noah and I at my Mother's for dinner. It was a chicken pot-pie, a giant one. No, seriously, like 10 pounds. It was from Costco. It was good. I couldn't understand why I wasn't that hungry at dinner, then I remembered that I was too busy to eat lunch today until 3:00.

Anyway, we were about to leave when Jon said he wanted to stop for a fountain pop on the way home. We had separate cars so I said I would meet him at home. I had this HUGE craving for a piece of chocolate so I said "Please please please" can you get me a chocolate bar on your way home too. Come on ladies, you know, there are just times when you'd die for some chocolate. Men, you like red meat, that's weird.

So first I said a chocolate bar and then I said, no, how about a Hershey's. Then I changed my mind again and said a Three Musketer (low in fat) and then I was like..wait no a Dove something or other which now in retrospect I realize doesn't even exist, I made it up in my frenzee. Then finally I blurted out, wait! How about a hostess snowball!? Than I said, no, just a Crunch bar. I guess he didn't hear that part.

Noah and I got home, I put him to bed and there was no Jon to be seen for 10, 15 and then 20 minutes. I was worried, I thought he was just running by a gas station. Then he came in. Jon went to an actual grocery store to buy pop, lettuce for Pig and get this....FRUIT BARS.

Ok...I said looking into the bag, where's my chocolate? I could almost taste it at this point. Oh, he said, I bought you fruit bars instead. FRUIT BARS!? FRUIT BARS!? You bought me fruit bars instead of a chocolate bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
What!!? Hello!? I said ha ha, ok, I know you are joking. Where is my Nestle Crunch?
No girls, it was true. The guy bought me real fruit juice frozen FRUIT BARS instead of a chocolate bar!!!
What gives?
I had a momentary break down.
Then I's the concept. You should know me by now. Know that I am in love with chocolate, not fruit bars. I felt sad and worried that maybe my husband doesn't know me as well as I thought he did.
Oh well, next time he has me run out for the new "Car and Driver", I'm bringing him home "Ladies Home Journal".

*Update. Well, I was in my room when I heard the front door close. I felt really bad at this point, that he decided to go out again. He ran up to the cornor store and grabbed me a Kit Kat. What a great husband, he DOES knows just what I like after all. I love him. :)


Laura said...

Oh boy, that's happened to me before! So sweet that he ran out and out you the KitKat bar. :) Jon, you get one BIG Brownie point!

Judy said...

FYI - Kit Kats are WAY cooler than Crunch bars, although chocolate is chocolate, you know. YAY Jon for doing a wonderful thing. I'd have balked at the fruit bars, too!

Garrett said...

I was always told to be thankful for what you have.....