Monday, November 14, 2005


When it's 8pm on a Saturday night, the baby is in his crib, and you are in for the evening, you have a few options. You can veg and watch Tv all night. You can start work on another infant (uh, not this year). You can go out in shifts. Or, you can bake.

I chose to bake. Here are two 'Cuban' breads from the New York Tiems Cookbook. I'm not sure what makes them Cuban, but they are simple and great. The actual labor took 15 minutes, the rising a couple of hours. I float the bowl with the dough in warm water in the sink to help it rise, and because I think it's funny. Flour, water, yeast, salt, sugar. Real food, extremely tasty, good for a day and a half, and wonderful. Posted by Picasa


Laura said...

Yum! My mouth is watering just looking at it. Are you taking orders?

Jonathan said...

You know, I absolutely would but I think I would have to ship it frozen via next-day UPS. So a loaf of bread that costs $.70 to make ends up on sale for $41. How bout I email you the recipe?

Laura said...

Sure, that will work. $41 is a heck of a lot for one loaf of bread, you're right!