Monday, October 17, 2005

Happy 11 Months Little Guy!

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Dear Noah,

Last week when you somehow found the tiny packet of Sea Monkey eggs that had fallen between the shelves in your toy cupboard, the first thing I did was thank God that you didn't eat them. I wasn't ready to possibly become a grandparent, let alone a grandparent to some 60 or so brine shrimp babies. It's true, all they need to hatch is a moist environment.

That's just how it is parenting you. Things always have a way of working out. It's not so much trial and error, it's just more like ying and yang. You found the sea monkey eggs, you didn't eat them. Right before we leave the house you spill lunch on your shirt, but not the matching pants. You refused to eat anything but yogurt, cookies and Pirate's Booty one day and you eat your weight in steamed broccoli the next. Ying, yang, there's always something good to come of it.

That's what you've been teaching me this month. Ok, yes world, I am now ready to admit, I have finally found that there are some rewarding aspects to parenting. I said some, ok! I like to think of your sleepless nights, the never ending diapers, the spit-up, the crying, the daily fight to make you eat, sleep, get dressed,nap, sit in the highchair, sit in the stroller, sit in the carseat and to let me leave the room is the ying. That said, your smile Noah, that is my Yang. These days, just to see you smile or make that little carefree noise you make, the one that sounds like you have a giant slobbery retainer in your mouth. That sound is better than any drug they have ever given me. I feel like that too when you do (what in my oppinion are)amazing things. Like how you walked around the entire perimeter of the big playgroup room today, with that girlie baby doll stroller. Oh man was I proud. Yes Noah, you truley are my yang. You do it without knowing, it's just something that shines from your beautiful face.

This morning for the very first time ever, you sat on my lap snuggled up with your head on my shoulder. You have never done that, let alone for 15 minutes straight! Even as a very tiny baby, you weren't huge on snuggly, human contact unless you were cruising around in the Baby Bjorn or standing stiff as a board in my lap. Today though, you just sat there (granted you were watching Teletubbies. I know! I know!)you just sat there and I can't tell you how happy that made me feel. It was the best 15 minutes of my life. I put my cheek to your soft little puffy cheek and smiled. It was great.

This month my little partner in yang. I think we should be dubbed "the hyper yang gang" that must drive Daddy who is in "the Ying gang" crazy. I see yang as a bouncing ball of energy and ying as calm wisdom. Daddy can do wonderful robot and ballerina impersonations that can make you laugh for hours. Yes, he does have good energy also, but I think our constantly running motors must drive him crazy at times. It's great! I have finally found my hyper-active sidekick in you. Noah, your personality has always shown through,from day one your eyes were open 20 hours a day and you made a lot of noise just like me. I'm so happy that we've found each other.I think we might be a great match.

We have a secret language together which won't be secret anymore. Daddy always says "What does that mean"? and I tell him it's our IKEA language. I suppose I should stop and use English only, but my little nicknames for you and the funny songs we have between us, you just understand me. By the way, if you've ever read the product names in an Ikea catalog, you'll understand.

This post is becoming a ramble and I have realized that it's getting quite late tonight, so I shall get to the point. Noah I love you. You are teaching me everyday to be strong,teaching me to laugh five seconds after a cry that is five seconds after a fall that happened while trying to rip the Elmo poster off the wall.You are teaching me to smile more, to bounce more. You are teaching me to quite simply be a better me and I thank you.

So my dear sidekick in yang. Goodnight, sleep tight and always remember that your Mommy loves you.


Kendra Lynn said...

Awww...that's so sweet, Lauren.
Its amazing how kids can bring out the best and worst in you, isn't it?
I can't believe Noah is ALREADY 11 months old!

Judy said...

Wow, that is a super post! Happy 11 months Noah!

Laura said...

You always write such heart-felt and adorable posts to Noah. He's going to enjoy reading them some day. :) One more month to go!