Monday, October 17, 2005

HB Presents: Cool Web Site Round-up

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Hi Y'all. I've come across a few really great sites in the last month or so and would love to share them with you.

First, check out THIS site. It's a yearly photographic record of the evolution of a family from 1976-2005. The way the pictures are arranged, you can scroll through the 29 years in seconds. It's quite fascinating in a way.

Next, here are two super fun and easy art programs. Just visit the site and instantly create. It's soooo cool!
Art Pad

Click and click and click in a weird and winding path or portraits. Fascinating!

Whoa! Cool!

Ok, don't get mad at me you George W. fans. This SAYS it all! Pretty neat, make a "Dubbuya Speach".

Last but not least my personal favorite site of the month.......

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