Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pre-Cruise: Wednesday's already nuts

Reporting from the greatest city on earth (at least this weekend) - and it's tough to know where to start. Trusty shotgun Intern Paul and I braved Woodward with a Treo last night to start getting pictures. We'll take high-res stuff this weekend, last night was just about getting out into traffic. Here are some of last night's highlights:

Carrera on dubs. It's OK to wear a neon green hat when you have a $90,000 car.

This is just sweet.


Exploding Firebird (is there any other kind?)

Mean, teenager-driven El Camino. This is the best kind of angst-mobile I can think of, I wish I had had one in high school instead of that minivan.


Ready to Rumble




nice rod, convertible Bronco

This is just a completely insane custom Magnum

Rods aplenty

Very clean Camaro

Super Beetle

LOUD Chevelle. It pains me that you couldn't hear this car, it was awesome.

Just Nuts




Judy said...

my dream car is a 1969 Chevelle convertible - red exterior, white interior, and if I ever find one, I'll live in it if that is what it takes!

Great pics!

I'll check back on Saturday night - at my in-laws and the computer is slo-mo dialup!

Jonathan said...

Judy, check this out:

Anonymous said...

judy -- check that link , it's your dream car for sale in FL !

Anonymous said...

Great Pics!

Jonathan said...

Thanks! Check back tomorrow night for the hi-res stuff.

Jeremy said...

As a *HUGE* classic car fanatic, I am totally "geared" up for this weekend. I've been out during the week cruising, and I can't believe at the assortment of cars I've seen - it's amazing the amount of work people put into restoring these cars.

In fact, right now, in front of the building where I work - there is a GTO club parked, and there must be 20 of them. I'm drooling every time I look out the window.

tom said...

Isn't the "Buicy" actually a 67 Olds Cutlass? regardless, nice

Jonathan said...

Could be. I looked at the tail lights and thought Buick, but the fender does look like a Cutlass now that I look at it. I'll defer since I am not sure.

Jonathan said...

OK, I couldn't stand not knowing so I looked it up. Here is the 67 Cutlass: