Thursday, August 18, 2005

Has this ever happened to you?

Hmm. Gas is $2.79 a gallon. But I still enjoy driving. What are my options?

Why don't you buy this? It's mine and it's for sale.

"...first and foremost a driver's car..."
"Think of it as a Japanese BMW 3-series and you won't be far off."
"... the Integra is one of the best-handling front-drivers you can buy."
"this engine is a credit to Honda's engineering might. I can try to describe it on paper but it really must be experienced first hand to fully appreciate."

Do I need to keep going? I have a baby, I don't get to drive this, and you deserve it. Call now! Operators are standing by.

1 comment:

Judy said...

I like the Superman license plate up front!