Sunday, August 07, 2005

Letter from Woodward Ave.

There are less than three weeks to go until the Dream Cruise! Last night I rinsed off Ken's Jag, put the top down and decided to see what the action was like on Woodward. I started at Woodward and 14 Mile and headed south. These guys were waiting in front of me at the light at Woodward and 13.

My route took me down to 11 Mile, back all the way up to about Long Lake (17 Mile), where traffic clears up, through downtown Birmingham, and back home. For readers not familiar with Woodward Ave., you can't make a direct left between about McNichols (equivalent to 6 Mile) and Downtown Pontiac, only a "Michigan Left" using turnarounds after the lights. It makes cruising easy, because you can just swing a "u-ey" when you're ready to cruise back in the other direction.

The Vinsetta Garage, with great neon lights.

Mustangs, ready to rumble. Every time I go out in the summer I am amazed by the traffic, the sheer number of people out looking at cars, the bravado and then strange, surreal feeling of being surrounded by old cars.

Low and Slow Fast

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