Friday, July 15, 2005

Perspective: Eight Months Out

Talk about a blur. It's hard for me to believe that Noah is standing up and crawling away from us (and fast), let alone starting to say things and anticipate actions and pick up tiny snack puffs with his fingers.

As you can tell from this picture, he's been very alert from Day 1, which has been both a challenge and a source of interest and joy for us. It is a challenge because he does not rest. If he is a awake he is moving, and he won't sit still on our laps or take a nap on the couch with us. Sometimes he gets extremely cranky. On the other hand, his capacity to try new things and learn quickly has been nothing short of astounding for us, and sometimes we have had to struggle to keep up with his progress as we baby-proogf and try to find engaging things for him to do.

Like I said, the time has just flown and I am so glad we have this site as a record of this time. Noah is a great baby and Lauren is a great mom, and I am grateful for how lucky we all are.

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Judy said...

Look at how tiny he is in that seat!!!! Quite different than the pic several posts down! HAHA