Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy 8 Months....Gerber Baby

Dear Noah,
Mommy is utterly confused as to how you are about to turn 8 months old. I remember when you were born, but wasn't that yesterday? Last week? How did the winter and spring and half the summer fly by so quickly!? I think you'd better slow down kid. So you're turning 8 months on Saturday and just as I turned 28 last month and was saying "Oh God! 28 is way closer to 30 than 25"!, I find myself saying today "Oh God! 8 months is so much closer to a year than 6 months"! It makes me kind of sad in a way because I can't go back to the days when you were just a little lump of a baby that was content to stare at a ceiling light. I think though, that seeing you grow and change and become your own little person is just as good, if not better. I could not be more proud of you! This month has been your most amazing yet, so I just wanted to share with everyone some of your 7 month accomplishments. Keep up the good work, but don't forget to stop and relax along the way. I love you little Butter Bear.

Some amazing things that you have learned in the past month!
-Taking a bath in the real bath tub. Sitting and then getting on your stomach to slide up and down the tub.
- Using your pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger) to pick up and feed yourself rice puff snacks, cherrios, bits of fruit and eggs!
-Feeding yourself a whole bottle on your own and using a sippy cup a bit.
-The computer is a favorite of your's, you recognize the "Elmo's World" website and giggle as we play along.
-You play peek-a-boo games interactively and anticipate surprise, you have favorite nursery rhymes and immatate sounds quite well.
-Babbling is getting to be a favorite of your's. You even say Dada, Mama and Hi indescriminatly, although we think you might know Dada!What a lucky Dada!
-You learned how to crawl frontwards and backwards and are now fast! You crawl backwards on hands and knees and forward by pulling your body with your arms and pushing on tippy toes. I'm not sure why you do this because you spend a lot of time on your hands and knees. Regardless you get around very well.
-Uh Oh! You learned how to stand up by yourself! Yep, you stand in your crib and bounce and babble and NEVER go to sleep. Each morning you greet us standing up, ready to make your escape. You stand up at the baby gates and shake them like King Kong until we let you out. You stand up on anything...couches, chairs, tables, bookshelves and you are even trying to cruise.

Noah, you are wonderful and amazing!


Laura said...

What a cute post Lauren! I really enjoyed reading about all of Noah's accomplishments. I remember feeling like you do and now, my little one is almost TWO!

Judy said...

This is a WONDERFUL post! Happy 8 months soon, Noah!