Saturday, May 28, 2005

Fast&Furious, 1993Supra Movie car, 2Fast2Furious

This was one of the sweetest cars in the movie, better still because they wrecked it at the end. I watched The Fast and the Furious with my friend Zerner at the dollar theater while I was recuperating from my own wreck. A Detroit city bus had wrecked my own Civic Si and broken my knee, and I didn't realize that I had left my copy of the Weezer green album in the CD player until it had already gone to the scrapyard.

Crazy accident fact: When I went to take pictures of the car for my lawsuit against the city of Detroit, the cajun fries from the Cass Cafe I had taken after dinner were scattered over the top of the engine. Somehow the force the impact had thrown them there. I'll try to scan some pictures, because I couldn't believe it either.

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