Thursday, May 26, 2005


I can't remember the name of the place we went to, someone will need to comment. But wait until you see dessert! Here are pictures from Izzy's Bistro in New Baltimore. The city is much more charming than those pictures I took earlier of Sneakers.

Look at this cannoli!

Huge cake.

Logan and giant coconut cream pie.

Bumpy cake, true Detroit regional cuisine.

This is probably straight Crisco and sugar, but it's pretty good.


meagan said...

lovely pictures. i'm glad you've captured the charm of the cities. haha. we ate at izzy's bistro in new baltimore. sneakers is a regular dive bar- not a honey club, but it sure looks that way! we complain about the "dance club" signs all the time. there is a really honey club in mt. clemens called "traffic light" and they're currently hiring. :)

Judy said...

You captured my favorite part of any meal - dessert! I am so hungry now I could eat my laptop! Those were MASSIVE!

Stephen said...

My brother and a partner bought Izzy's Bistro a few months ago. My father was running it and had it doing very well. Sadly, it just burned down to the ground Monday morning; 23-October-2006.