Thursday, April 07, 2005

Texas Bill Would Require Transponders in All Cars

How Bourgeois has not yet had a reason to discuss politics, but transponders in our cars are at best a threat to our right to move about as we please, and at worst an unconstitutional abridgement of our right to privacy. Where will this end? We are Americans, and we should be able to drive around where we want without being followed around by spies and revenue agents. I don't care what your political leaning is, if you care about being a free American person you know this is a bad idea. This isn't even well-inentioned enough to claim it is fighting terrorism but is about generating revenue and penalizing people by suspending licenses automatically without due process. Don't think it can only happen in Texas.

Here's the Slashdot discussion:

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Judy said...

Being in Texas, I can tell you that this is ALREADY something that is happening in many vehicles, they just want to include it in all vehicles here now. When we lived in Houston, we had a EZ Tag - a small microchip encased in a credit-card sized container that stuck to the top of your winshield by the rearview mirror. You could fly through the toll booths without pay because it was scanned and automatically deducted from your account. HOWEVER, there are monitors on all the freeways there, and they use the system to keep an eye on traffic control. However, I contend that there is so much more they can (and probably already do) accomplish with those things.

Scary, yes. Impossible to enact? Not here.